Sunday, 17 February 2008

Sounds like a misery

Adding some sounds to the game like walking resulted in problems - if sounds are too many too close to each other some of them are not played. Currently trying to fix this thing. Sounds I've found at the fine site It's great to have'em in the game, the world feels to start to expand again into another dimension. :-)


Charlie said...

I think this FGD wiki page is relevant to you! :-)

Paul said...

seems to me that good sounds are really rare in public domain and such, seems the best as far as I've explored what you've just advised (although I checked the page, before the advice, hehe! :) )

Well, fiddling around with the sound system, finally I've added Channel class helper thingy and found out that simple game sounds are better played non-streamed in jME audio, music goes good with streaming.

Paul said...

It seems I've some luck. Looking around the net with google I've found some pretty good public domain sound sites and searchers too: +

Awesome. :-)