Sunday, 10 February 2008

UI for the party - 2D portraits needed

I was doing some kind of prototyping for character portrait display on the HUD. It's checked into SVN, but really it does not relate to anything coded as characters and classes, just a plain UI coding with hardcoded image paths and such. But I will publicize it, so to let people know that jCRPG is now in need of 2D fantasy portraits for the characters! As you can see I've used public domain portrait paints not really related to fantasy or classic RPGs to demonstrate how the screen will look alike (more or less, :-) as there will be some more gfx for HP and such bars and some more frames for it).

So hereby I call classic RPG fans with some major or minor talent in 2D painting to the cause! If you can, please, create some portraits, share it with us and release it under CC-by-sa / GPL or other free license! You can upload things at the contribution forum after registering to it. If you can point out already created fantasy portrait ( or pictures containing quality human(oid) faces :-) ) media under free license, don't hesitate to share it here as a comment or at the forum.


Canageek said...

You might try looking through the Creative Commons search. I'd recommend a flickr search myself, but I'm in the middle of midterms and can't help you unfortunately.

You'd almost deficiently want to check the "Search for works I can modify, adapt, or build upon." not sure about the definition of commercial however. If you want photo's of people in constume I've licensed some of my (bad) picutres under CC:

Paul said...

hello, Canageek!

Thanks for the link!! Helps a lot. I will try to gimp them a bit, with oilify and such cool effects that will make'em look like paints. :-)

Non-Commercial is bad, they cannot get onto pages with commercial things like adverts and such. GPL is said to be incompatible with CC-NonCommercial as far as I know. So into jcrpg I cannot add such contents.