Friday, 18 January 2008

J3DMovingEngine - kick off coding

Well, I just put some final mods into the Geo Generation code and thought I will leave the externalization of the parameters to a later time and jump right into the currently much more interesting and appealing world of Moving things of Wildlife and such. Basics for it are already in SVN and it's already working in a very primitive way of displaying the rather simple preliminary version of the abstract wildlife content.

The first implementation of the AnimalEntityDescription was chosen to be the so called GorillaHorde. :-) An AnimalEntityDescription means some kind of animal group roaming the wilds and such with parameters as genders, size of the pack and also VisibleLifeForm types such as a male or female gorilla type. An animal entity description is bound to return VisibleLifeForms when you get near to the entity -- which will be converted by the J3DMovingEngine into so called RenderedMovingUnits which represents the quasi 3D parameterization of the being in your view. Very similar to the old representation of static thing called RenderedSide but this time it is much more emphasizing the dynamic attribute of the unit's representation. J3DMovingeEngine will get/load the jME model from the ModelPool when your view distance covers the RenderedMovingUnit's distance. All this needs much tuning and coding yet (like AnimalEntityDescriptor will need a so called RangedBoundary that will tell the game that you have entered its territory...and the start-up wildlife addition to the world with some kind of food chain implementation), but I'm happy to have started it and to show you a shot of the GorillaHorde... ;-)

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Nice keep doing the good job! :-)