Saturday, 12 January 2008

Fixing some of the shadow bugs

I've tried to fire up max settings in jcrpg to test what comes out of my nvidia 8800GTS. ghoulsblade's post on jcrpg forum about shadows reminded me that shadows should be tested again to see if the render pass is still working. It turned out that it's not but fortunately I've found the reason of that. The partially transparent UI HUD image was blocking the correct rendering of shadow volumes. I had to shrink it to it's non transparent size to make shadows work again. I've made shots of the game at full detail (full water reflection, grass, shadows, far view enabled, bloom)...well it made the gpu a heavy stress. I'm not too happy about this, but I don't plan to optimize things in the short future. It still can pump out usable FPS with the 8800GTS ~ 15-30 FPS. :-) Check the one shot I've chosen for you! Unfortunately shadows of the tree foliage is missing...I still have to invent something there as it is not working good with JME ShadowRenderPass by default. Of course this I consider low priority thing.

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