Thursday, 24 January 2008

Animation goes live

Check SVN for the latest sources if you want to run the game with walking gorillas. :-) It was not an easy turn to make it work all together.

First Sirgazil@freegamer was so kind that he made a walking animation sequence to his gorilla model. Next I was trying to make it into jME scenario with the help of BlenderCollada exporter. But it turned out that the export is not so good to make it easily work with jME's collada loader, plus the development of the exporter is halted as far as I know. Then frustrated I visited jME forum and finally found the good way to go: the project md5reader2 for jME (after some changes in the animation reader's code and recompile) was almost perfectly working - except smooth normals were not displaying in the game. I had to re-UV map the gorilla model with a different wrapping and try again - yeah, it's working now! It seems that later animated models for the game that will be created in Blender should be wrapped for example with Smart UV mapping method (or some similar) to be sure that it will work well with jME.


Zsombor said...

This gorillas seems to be a little mild, isn't it? :-)

Paul said...

Aren't strong enough for you? :-) They will have to eat some spinach and banana then to meet your taste! ;-)

Zsombor said...

Fried gorillas filled with bananas are my favorites ;-)

Paul said...

You may have such thing later in the game especially if you'll code it :-D