Friday, 11 January 2008

Preliminary generation rules ready - Map extended

With a few hours of coding GeneratedPartRuleSet is shaping up and is used now in the default generation program. With hashing used again we have a quasi-random generated world geography put together. Still missing the River and Cave (called additional geographies currently in parameterization). This definitely needed visualization so I added an additional layer with colored indication of geography type to the world map (shot shows a 100x100 blocks sized map with 40x40 cubes per block rounding up a 4000x4000 cubes sized map giving surface for 16 millions of cubes to wander through not counting different levels in the Y axis (like caves and later additions). This eats up around 280 MB of memory, so there is possibility to raise the size even further - we still have to experiment with the enjoyable world size for a huge play-timespan RPG that jcrpg can become later).

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javascripter said...

nice job! :P
Keep up with good work.