Tuesday, 8 January 2008

New year's first bits

I'm trying to catch up with the project again as I've been a bit overgaming the past few days and concluded that RPG genre needs the fresh air so much that I can't longer stand still without development. 8-) I've left coding in the world generation parts. The work that must be done is making Geography class aware of its world generation modes and possibilities giving some abstract methods to implement in extensions like Mountain, Plain, Cave, River. The process will get rules described by the geographies directly. This means a way of abstract parameterization of the generation process and also makes easier to add new geographies later without modifying the generator code. Of course this is just a simple abstraction of everyday programming, yet I wanted to share with you in case of interest as this will become a strongly important part of using and extending JCRPG framework. :-) If it gets done then a nifty set of parameters will be available to configure ...and that's only for the geographies and the climate -- many more to come with the future implementation of new parts of the game.

A small problem with compiling the project with java 1.6 was revealed by Jan's post on freegamer forum. It's solved and committed to SVN already.

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