Friday, 28 December 2007

New demo video on youtube

Nearing the end of the year I added a bonus video for showing the new things in the last few releases. Enabling grass, far view and bloom ate up much more performance resulting an FPS of 14 in the captured video.

Normally it runs around 26-28 FPS with these extra settings on the Nvidia 6200Go. I bet it's not too bad. If you want more FPS on older hardware like this and such you have to switch the extras off for sure now.


bri (dragonbait) said...

testing…1 2 3…testing…

downloaded version svn_20071221, unziped, clicked the executable file
selected my display settings
640x480 16bpp fullscreen=no LWJGL

took a few seconds to fully load + voila! I'm in! First thing I have to say is I like how the leaves on the trees and the plants sway in the wind. Neat effect. Here again are some of the movement keys w=move forward, d=turn right, a=turn left, the arrow keys left/right will allow you to turn your view towards a direction. (example, you can hit the left arrow button a few times, then hit the forward key (w) - this allows you to view the landscape to the northwest while you move forward north. Interesting.

Very nice surroundings, graphics have improved much. Seems a fun and entertaining world to travel through. I really dig the desert scenery. It really looks like your in a classic crpg world. All the trees and plantlife seem to have been updated very nicely. Hills and mountainous areas are a great addition.

Hmm. seems as I was writing this, + go back to testing out the game that my screen is completely black minus the bar+direction map part of the screen. It seems that it is night time now. It sure arrived fast. Maybe a bit more work needed for dusk+dawn so the party doesn't go into shock when nighttime arrives. It's pitched black+can't see a thing. Where's my torch? The moon appears soon and I see the outline of the trees in the sky. Neat effect though maybe some more detail needed on the moon. Maybe some stars in the sky? It should be dark but not quite as dark as shown, so to let adventurers wander around in the night with just the moonlight to guide them.(if torchless that is) Pitched black would be OK underground though. Just waiting for daylight to arrive..... Where's that darn bard? Off lost in the wilderness do doubt. Could use some of his music right about now, or a wizard to cast a light spell. hmm.

Lets try some more keys. F1 brings up a gridded map. press F1 again to put it away. F2 will turn on/off the bar at the bottom of the screen (most likely where character pics/text bar will show.) q=moves the party to the left while still facing forward.
e=moves the party to the right while still facing forward, r=a little jump up, t=um. not quite sure. shows more of a design/maybe test view?, b=does something but not sure what.

One area that looks excellent is the moving river. water rippling ever so slowly. nice effect.

One area that needs fixing is while at night, trees, tree branches appear as bright red lines accross the screen which happen to go accross the bottom bar at the lower part of the screen. Hills, and the cave will also block view of the bottom bar. Can walk through some trees as well. For a short while it seemed that dawn was approaching, but a little bit later it was pitched black again.

I took 3 screenshots. One of the desert scenery. A very nice shot. The second at the moving river. Good shot but the waterfall? in the back seems a bit oddly shaped. And finally the third shot shows the glitch during the dark hours.

All in all, still much work to be done, but the JCRPG has improved greatly since when I last tested it. Great job + keep up the good work!

link to some screenshots (copy+paste link)

Paul said...

Thanks for the thorough testing again! :-) The bright red lines are because of one of the test modes is switched on! :-) Just as a note: I'll get back on development track in a few days.

Rob said...

nice video... reminds me sorta of something you'd find on a N64