Saturday, 29 September 2007

Slowly but progressing and the warthog

Working on finalizing the first version of River to support different orientations, heading towards the still water part. Meanwhile a new contributor has appeared on the horizon of jcrpg! Sirgazil's first work is a very nice warthog model. Check the picture! When I will get to wild life programming this will be very useful, just like theotherhiveking's wolf model! Hope to see many such quality models in the future. :-)


bri (dragonbait) said...

Wow. that's some really great model you got there Sirgazil! Is that done through Java? + what kind of programs are used to make such graphics/models? I really wouldn't even know where to begin.

Anonymous said...

Thank you dragonbait!

For the model I searched some pictures in google and then I drew the front and side views of the warthog to get familiar with the form. Finally, I started to model it using Blender, which is a free (as in freedom) and powerful program.


Paul said...

Hello there, people! :)
You can have a look at how jcrpg took the advantage of blender following the blender tag at this blog:

Anonymous said...

Hello brother. What a great job, you surprise me every days. Please, keep on do it.

Anonymous said...

really nice model ;)
only the hooves have to be adjusted a bit :D

sirgazil said...

"only the hooves have to be adjusted a bit :D"

Thank you for your suggestion! I'll take it into account for the textured model.