Sunday, 7 October 2007

Flowing to release

Finally managed to put together one new aquatic test release! It contains Sirgazil's warthog near the wolfs and some other new things. :-)

Headlines: bumped terrain tiles, river and lake water geographies, optional far view mode were added. JME's water render pass applied on water surface with reflection (optional, switch off for less stress on GPU/CPU). Grass is added to the mountain slopes too and the grass vertex shader is improved.

Download bz2 available at sourceforge. If having problems with the unpacked files under Windows with winrar, check this forum thread.


Anonymous said...

this looks nice, the grass and trees look cool

Paul said...

thx. :-)

Carsten said...

Hey, great progress! I love the ProjectedGridWater in JME, it looks so good and is easy to insert into own applications.

Anyway, do you plan to add an algorithm to "smooth" the coast line? Add some more curves to it on a random base to make it look more like a real coast?

Paul said...

Answering late, but yes, curves and randomness are planned and partially already implemented. Some 3D coast cube side element has been added too. Check later shots! :)

Paul said...

Curves here means "cubic curves" not actually curves inside one cube's side. So we'll keep it classic! :)