Friday, 7 September 2007

Reacting on user feedback

In my few free moments for programming I've been concentrating on Charlie's report in previous post about fog and low view distance cave blueness. For the first I've experimented a while with the fog color and distances while adding per quad sinusoid movement to the grass with the help of fraction (frc) vertex command. Then a quick ugly solution for the cave blueness: sky sphere is culled when inside the cave. :-) Maybe I will add a better solution later.

P.S.: Testing performance and bloom I took two additional higher resolution (1280x1024) screenshots to the original two demonstrating distance fog and bloom together. :-)


Charlie said...

You can still see the "blue cave" in the bonusbloom.jpg image.

My suggestion - whilst outside have a cave tile that is literally black inside. Given how dark it is in a cave and how light it is outside, you usually wouldn't be able to see in a cave until you get inside anyway [and your eyes adjust to the lower light levels].

Paul said...

Yeah, that's why it was a quick and ugly solution. I will have to think about it more later. What you suggest seems a usable solution, yet I want to give a certain view distance into and out of the cave. That complicates things a bit.

Charlie said...

Another "oddity" as you will, is that there is only grass / vegetation on flat surfaces leaving the sloped surfaces looking pretty bare.

Renanse said...

I'd suggest a transition piece at the entrance to your caves (or other complex structures) Have the transition piece cap off properly with black... When you enter the transition piece you can swap it for the true interior of the cave. This gives you the ability to set a per cave approach to what it looks like from outside.

Paul said...

Now I've put grass on hillside, code is in SVN. I am still working on the grass wind shader to remove grass movement skips when walking around.

The cap sounds usable yet I prevents the player to see into/out of the cave from a few steps distance...yet from a given distance say 5-6 steps I can still cap it with a new distance based rendered side.

Paul said...

Also some bumped tiles are replacing the simple quad ground tiles. All in SVN. I think it looks less bare now although it may need some smoothing here and there.