Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Moving to GPLv3

I've decided to do the future development of the project and release it under the license GNU General Public License version 3. You can still get the previous versions under LGPL with the sources included on the download page of the project. Be aware that from now on there is no possibility to incorporate future jcrpg sources into a proprietary software. The whole project source base in the SVN is committed now with the new header and the COPYRIGHT file is changed too.


Anonymous said...

Any particular reason why you decided to change the license? I'm not a big fan of GPL3 myself; by placing more restrictions on the software it prevents the freedom that it claims to provide. Have you considered any non-GPL licenses?

I have a few software projects out there and licensing choice has always been something that bugs me, so input from other developers is always appreciated.

Though it's a bit in jest, my favorite license so far is the WTFPL.

Paul said...

GPLv3 is a flagship of opensource, free software. It may be less liberal than others, but that's not a problem. I like its strictness regarding protection of freedom.

Paul said...

Sorry for my unclear comment, again:

Does it help the development of the open source gaming community? Does it strengthen open source community? Does it restrict non opensource/non free usage? If these questions are answered yes, then I've chosen well the license. If no or not obviously yes, then please describe why? I am open to discussion about it.