Thursday, 20 September 2007

Waters and slashdotation

Currently working on waters. First the river is being born. Not an easy task. Will be the first time to use the so called Surface interface of geographies. Water will be a special part among the World class' subelements. It will be a semi intelligent thing. Based on an X-Z coordinate it will replace geography surfaces with its own bed (settable width and depth). In SVN we only have a different Geography extension river currently, which is not a good approach, I will rewrite the code and extend World class to make use of Waters. The water surface will be using JMonkeyEngine's cool built-in shader based WaterRenderPass with reflection. Check the screen shot.

Meanwhile Qubodup has mentioned jcrpg in his submittal on slashdot, resulting a 4500+ webhit on sourceforge project webpage. Thanks Qubodup and for the marketing. :-) And looking at webhit statistics I also stumbled into a sticky thread at forum which is about indie RPGs and has recently posted and linked on jcrpg. Great! :-) I'm a casual reader of their site and often find there interesting forum topics.


bri (dragonbait) said...

Cool! That's gonna be really awesome when its completed. I remember playing the old gold box games and whenever that simplistic little blue vertical stream/river was in the battle field, I thought that was the greatest thing ever. (hey way back when a little blue stream was a big plus to a game)Now there's gonna be some seriously realistic looking rivers. And the reflections the river gives already look great!

bri (dragonbait) said...

I'd imagine the hard part is gonna be getting the rivers to smooth out a bit and be less choppy

Paul said...

Hey, great to see you around! :-) Yeah, I have to make the bed for the river and some more complex surface detecion solution is needed... hope to code it soon.

Paul said...

Getting ahead in i reprogrammed the water part...have sg like a waterfall in SVN. :-) Code is very bad, but it works by default on the mountain. :-)