Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Fix patch - as usual

I've found minor issues and some major just after releasing the pre-alpha test. Problems with tree foliage billboarding. Had to fix the rotation quaternion. After that found new major issues with renderToViewport and its performance when I set bigger view distances than 40, and hacking at it I've found some other memory affecting problems too. Download at the usual place.


Charlie said...

Other issues:
- if view distance is low, caves are very blue inside
- if I run into a tree, I often can't turn left until I first turn right
- view distance needs combining with fog so things don't "appear" out of nowhere

Paul said...

Thanks for the report!

- cave problem must be thought about :-) it's not an easy thing to solve knowing the way this engine works right now, but a good point
- turning left shouldn't be a problem, maybe auto locking of the keyboard on movement makes it unresponsive for a while. I will try, thanks for reporting!

- View distance is combined with fog, but a better fog color is needed surely.

Paul said...

the fog thing is meant to be fixed now in SVN...i tried to make it better at least! :-)