Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Night in Unbald Mountain

Yeah, a big refactoring, hacking and bug hunting in the Cube/World section plus the Mountain and Cave code resulted in world sized Mountain and Cave geography addressable and usable in blocks. This means a mountain is shaped where its parent Mountain geography is having an area occupied in its WorldSizedBitBoundaries. It's usable, faster and convenient for world generation! One little thing is the AI cannot tell them apart only if I will add some later enhancement for the base Geography class that will make it able to tell some of its bigger areas apart. Understood? No problem, check the shot for the visual result. :-)


bri (dragonbait) said...

nice screenshot!

Paul said...

thanks! :-D
Nothing really new, but it's at last generated content... :)

Paul said...

I've committed some fixes to walking code, you should fall into unwalkable places much less. Couldn't find a bug yet. Please test walking around if you use SVN version of the game. Packed release will be coming later, after adding River/Lake to world generation and some sophistication of the process... ;-)