Thursday, 13 December 2007

Rewriting Mountain

While trying to get work the mountains with different size and height in connection with the World Generator I decided to rewrite it fully from the basics...the square pyramid like look is not really usable in bigger size. Now it will be a point height based thing with some kind of mathematical function that tells Y in a point of (X,Z). The previous code was messy and too firm to be developed...the new one is planned to be better ... yet the classic look and standard, something like the shot shows with some more variation. :-)


Charlie said...

I would also consider variety of slope angles - shallower slopes could be walked up whereas heavier slopes would be blocking.

Paul said...

As far as my plans go this concept doesn't fit. There are 90 degrees mountain cliffs and 45 degrees slopes you can climb. That must suffice to keep the classic cubic concept, otherwise you wouldn't be able to keep the "cubic" coordinate system. I think this two's variety will give enough into the chaos of a mountain. Let's see what can be done with these 3 elements (0 degrees, 45 degrees, 90 degrees).