Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Ocean and WorldMap sophistication

I was busy coding to boost up the Ocean coastal code part. It's ready now and more or less working like it should. Fixed many things in its logic experimenting with it a lot. It caused quite a headache! :-D After that WorldMap was the next target to add a step by step updated red mark of current location onto it. Now I'll head to further develop the WorldGeneration geography addition part plus the Climate belt addition. Geography addition will be based on big zone hashing and similar quick tricks. :-)

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javascripter said...

Hey Paul! I have one problem with jcrpg. I ve try to download your lastion version following on link you gave into your post but it seems when I open that .zip file it crashes with message something about header.
Please check your jcrpg files on your File Transfer Protocol server.
Keep With Good Job!