Friday, 14 August 2009

Wiki moved, addition of mouse support for the UI started, contributions

Due to the previous mediawiki (self installed) being dogslow (every page loading takes +5-10 seconds just waiting for something, probably DB or some name resolution?) I have decided to revisit the idea of using MediaWiki hosted natively by for the projects. I've gone through all the content, copied the remaining changes to the new MediaWiki. From now on please use that one (all the links I've tried to replace, so you just have to follow those links). To edit it, you will need an account, and probably permission from me. I'm not sure how this part works on hosted mediawiki. We'll see! :)

Yesterday after incroporating mkienenb's new patch for starting the addition of menu mouse handling, I've found some time to tweak it and make it work with the InputBase class of the InputWindows, with a special kind of picking for the UI element based on Mike's advice - to check the WorldBound of the given Spatials under a window's root node. At least buttons are working now! We will keep on working for an all encompassing UI mouse support (dropdowns, inputs, value tuners and all the stuff). You can expect it to work in the next release. :)

Meanwhile tidbit is helping with a lot of different new content. Yeti, igloo, snowy road texture for the arctic region is ready for integration (animation still needed, if interested in that part visit our forum/wiki/irc for more details). He's just finished a new series of Shrines to be integrated as part of the road networks later. TheAncientGoat - another helping hand from the FreeGameDev community - has created a new unique monster (something like a horrifying larva/insect/spider mixture) and posted it on the forums. So lots of things happening in the contributions forum! Check the topics out for preview images! :D


myrddinbach said...

Glad to see there is still work being done on this project and that you are adding mouse support! That will be a huge help for easier gameplay.

Paul said...

I hope it will make things play easier and so feedback will be also increasing in number. :)
Thanks for dropping a comment, it's always good to see people are actively caring. ;)