Friday, 28 August 2009

Top button row icons ready, Character creation improved

Still working on the UI part, this time a lot of minor fixes and polishing of the mouse input was going on. Finally I decided to not wait for the top button icons to be contributed, instead 'do-it-yourself', created them by modifying different free icons or painting it myself. I hope you like it. You will be able to click them with the 'pointer mode' mouse, swap between the different windows - that is quite comfortable. :)

The other major upgrade is of the Character Creation part. Following the idea of TheAncientGoat @ freegamer, I changed the profession selection process. Instead of letting professions be chosen after tweaking the attributes to unknown minimums, now player can select a profession which automatically sets the minimum attribute levels that are required for the given profession. This makes it a lot more easier to select a profession. The other change is on the skill setting page - added a Reset button, which will reset the skill value set to the original values.

Next I can move back to enhancing the map. After that I will integrate the new 3D content (made by tidbit & TheAncientGoat). That done a test release is due - so there'll be a new release before moving on to the next chunk of bigger development goal (story/dialog/commerce system).


qubodup said...

The top bar looks great! Also glad to hear about easier character generation. (I complained about that a year ago or so.. :) )

I look forward to the new content additions!

Paul said...

Thx! :)

I remember your complaint but i'm not sure if you suggested a solution back then. I was lazy to think about it more (busy with other parts coding), so it's good that someone else comes up with ideas (especially if I agree about the given idea! :P).

New content will be cool! :D Anyway, just this morning some new things I want to do before release came to my mind - probably tooltips, and optimized font rendering. (it slows down my intel card if a lot of text is on screen)