Monday, 10 August 2009

Path development ready

After tweaking the worldmap display (thinner lines of road with direction) and adding some bends to the road network I started to fiddle with some better algorithms for road generation - instead of simple lines drawn between the populations an A* algo should find the most efficient path to build a road upon. With the help of the superb slick 2d java library I managed to add a fully featured, cost based, fast road network generation - the class World of jcrpg implemented the TileBasedMap interface of slick pathfinder. Kudos goes to slick2d! ...and thus ended the first iteration of road network development in jcrpg! :) Check the screenshots to see how it looks on the world map! :) (PS.: Updated 1st screeny, nicert gfx now in SVN.)


Dragonbait said...

Hey it looks to be coming along nicely.

Paul said...

Welcome back Bri! I'm glad to see you around again! I saw your posting jcrpg on rpgcodex. Thanks for advocating! :)