Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Storage Points for the Economics, 3D model integration

Working to add storage point generation to economics. Currently this means that I coding in the labyrinth part to scatter around chests in the depth of the mazes. :) It will lure the player in probably! :D The economics will know about their number of storage points. Also they are generating the world coordinates by overriding the base getStorageObjectPlaces method of Economics superclass. The storage points are where the so called Entity Common Wealth (the usable properties of the group that are not currently equipped on members) will be stored in different quantities in different storage objects (currently only chests). This implies that you will find only things in those storage objects that the group is possessing - or possessed til you've put your hands on it. :D

goq669 the new developer who joined to help out in some tasks is working on some enhancement of the UI part creating a SimpleLayout for easier page definition. Also he has started to work on the Options submenu of the main menu. It's going to serve for modification of game settings obviously.

Also I've integrated some old contributions (eyebat monster by Scofield and shortsword by andycon). Also added a model found on quadropolis created by deathguppie with CC-BY license, hellpig2. Luckily it's animated and in md5 format. :) Thanks for your precious work all out there!

PS: Forgot to mention a bunch of new audios were added as well. All in SVN for the testing. :)


Anonymous said...

Hello, I would like to ask you something about the md5 models since it appears that you chose to use them in your game. Is the format by any chance permitting to attach weapons and such to your models? I think that md3 format allows such thing (if I remember well). I am not sure about the Milkshape models though.

Thank you in advance,

Paul said...

I haven't used attachments with md5 models yet, and haven't checked how others use attachments for md5 models, but I think it's certainly is possible. Possibly it depends on the game's loader library and scene graph build up if it can use named joints to attach other meshes to them. Am I right? Probably other more experienced reading this blog can reply to this question.