Saturday, 11 October 2008

Yay, got it running with latest AMD fglrx driver

Finally, the testing on AMD/ATi is made possible! I've found my mistake, I was not cautious enough when was removing old remnants of volatile kernel modules (restricted drivers of ubuntu). I just renamed the dir to fglrx__, which apparently ruined my whole upgrading process, DKMS kernel module of higher version was ommitted... But now I rule the box again! Though seems that only the latest version (fglrx 8-9) lets me start any jme applications, like jcrpg. And so it is running on the brand new card...ready for boarding!!

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Paul said...

I couldn't reproduce the bug reported on the forum, but instead I've found some problems with Depth Of Field shader - with NVidia it was running fine, ati is more picky about it. Corrected, will commit to SVN soon. :)