Monday, 27 October 2008

Good News on Music Department

Recently (if you read the forums carefully you already know the name) Jasper aka DarkStalion has come to spend some time composing a main menu theme for jClassicRPG. He told that he'll help out and he now has returned with a fantastic piece of epic fantasy music. He's still working on it, but it's already 3 and a half minutes long. I'm a big fan of music like this for fantasy RPGs, and this one just fits so well. Jasper at his blog (which has other interesting contents as well) has shared the unfinished version so you can hear and comment on it. Go and check out!

Meanwhile another musician has contacted the project just today through one of my friend and he already sent some samples.

So hopefully soon we'll have new music in jClassicRPG!!


bri (dragonbait) said...

hey that music sounds great! it'll add a nice atmosphere.

Paul said...

Hey there!

definitely agreed, Jasper did a really good piece of job!

C ya, Bri!

Jasper Brownrigg said...

Thanks guys, but it's not finished yet ;) Some way to go still.


Paul said...

Okay, news is, the other musician will not work for the project, as he goes in a different style. Jasper's and hopefully other more classic style composer's music will support the goal better, we concluded together.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Jasper!

Thank you for taking the time to produce it.