Sunday, 9 March 2008

Bug ironing out, performance tuning

Long time since last post. Well, much hours of work were put into the code in this while to make things faster, less stressful for the CPU/GPU. First, render cubes in the World has been backed up with some short time caching which boosted geography loading when entering new areas. Then a bit of caching put into GeometryBatch creation which added a big load of unload of CPU use. ;-) Performance logs inserted to many parts of the codes helped a lot. Unnecessary update render state calls were also removed from GeometryBatch creations. All this makes difference in the fluency of walking around in jcrpg. Following that, I've found a mem leak and tracked down the clues to Local Map and World Map texture updating. Now it's in the works, LocalMap is fixed with the help of this jMonkeyEngine thread. WorldMap still waits a big rewrite.

All this was ongoing while Tranberry kept up his huge amount of work hours put into jcrpg UI redesigning, and as a side work he has created two wonderful portraits. All is in SVN.

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