Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Easter over - Some planning

I've been planning and thinking about the interaction system of jcrpg now and then right after facing the fact that I had a too much input dependent plan for it the first time I started to implement it. I've reconsidered it, and the Interception window will be reduced to a quick preencounter selection of groups to meet (in case of player started encounter -- if AI is starting an encounter AI will decide who to include in it). Instead I intend to add a so called player behavior selection that allows player to select which Interception skill will each of the characters use while moving around (e.g. looking for traps or prospecting for minerals, searching herbals, trying to cover/hide the group, tracking, collecting fruits and food). Also on this screen I'm planning to include selection for behavior regarding encounters with friendly/neutral/hostile groups - so you'll be able to set if you want to initialize an encounter at all with any of these kind of groups around you. This will greatly impact what happens to the player while moving around. Due to the relaxing period of Easter very few things were committed to SVN along with a new portrait done by Benjamin W. Schram at freegamer derivated from Scibotic's previously created portrait. I'll join the business again now when time for OS dev comes in surplus again.

I've been testing the game with the release's default config on a rather crappy integrated nvidia card (7050PV shared memory), and it's not totally unusable at a high resolution. :-) Also check this video if you don't already run the release - it's about animated gorillas and party setup.

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