Saturday, 15 March 2008

The "Contributionary" Release

"UI graphics were completely redesigned including main menu, character creation widgets, on screen display. Some new character portraits were added. Code optimization for 3D and loading performance were done. World and Ecology generation configuration through XML file were developed. Some mushrooms and other vegetation appended to flora and fox re-added to possibly met fauna.. Local map was implemented and added replacing mini world map on the HUD. Sky-sphere lighting bug was fixed along with other minor bugs. Turning around camera rotation was expanded with view position changing to add a better view of the faced things around."

This was largely possible because people like Tranberry and Emmanuel contributed so much to the project. Such people keep going the free open source gaming projects go ahead, so a big thanks go out for all of them - after their name being carved on the stone tablets of jcrpg Hall of Fame!

Download test and report back here or at the forum! Also if you feel like having talent to model and contribute 3D animals or paint nice portraits, 2D small vegetations (like the mushrooms) to show the open source world how good you are at that - the Hall of Fame is just waiting for you too. All contents are going under CC or GPL license so other projects can benefit of them as well. See you at the forums! ;-)


theotherhiveking said...

oh damn... that wolf *really*^needs a texture..

Anonymous said...

Looks great so far! 8) Cant wait for more releases!