Friday, 14 March 2008

Code contribution and UI refactor

A new contributor has appeared as a swift wind around jcrpg. Emmanuel has done a great job to externalize configuration of Ecology and World generation into XML files thus providing the long awaited method for parameterization of both World size, geography ratios, climate ratios, landmasses and a full spectrum of Ecology parameters to add percentage (per climate basis too) of likeness of an animal group to appear somewhere etc. Nice job there! A foodchain based animal population generation is being under implementation... so the need for new 3D animal models are rising again, so that we can include them in the new shiny eco-sphere of jcrpg! Modelers, get your mouse and blend something for jcrpg's free 3D media collection! ;-)

Meanwhile this all happened, Tranberry@freegamer has refactored even more elements of the UI. The whole HUD, Character generation pages, Main menu, Load icon, wow, this is a big lot of job again! :-) All things are committed to SVN as usual. This weekend you can expect a new prealpha test release coming.

PS: Almost forgot about main documents being started: architecture and gameplay concept.

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