Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Blog design facelift by Tranberry

You're already looking at the brand new shiny design drawn by Tranberry! He's done a great job again. Thanks, Tranberry!

Meanwhile the forum of jcrpg got another boom of change too, it's been split up into 3 subforums (General, Contribution & Development). I'm closing on the UI part as the next development part to get closer to a game-play logic available for playing actually. :-) Interception, Encounter and TurnAct pages are next to be implemented. Yesterday I've committed some UI related bugfixes and added Delete Character option to remove unneeded old characters from the list on party setup page. Beware: it deletes those files actually, so backup them in your file manager (./data/chars dir) if you'll need them later. :)

PS.: I've added a screenshot of the old design just for the memento. If you're an RSS reader don't mistake it to be the new design. :)


Anonymous said...

great job tranberry! congratz, timong!

sirgazil said...

That's very nice Tranberry! Keep up the good work!

Tranberry said...

This almost makes me blush, thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

Great job! You are the best artist around here! =P
Keep up the good job! You too, Timong!

Paul said...

thanx people. :) er, maybe post with some kind of signature next time?