Saturday, 3 November 2007

Add multiple levels to Surface interface

Working on finalizing the first round of the Geography development I've added multiple level support into Surface interface, so that one Cave geography may include several levels (although Cave is not that complete to add possibility to enter one level of cave to another, but it's planned to add that thing later). Meanwhile I've run into a new problem in jcrpg with upgrading the JME version. I hope I'll find the solution soon.


Paul said...

Hey, thanks for the new Cactus! It looks good, but it consists of too much polygons unnecessarily, you should try to use as few sides for the cactus as possible and use Normals set to Smooth in blender. That way you will have a nice rounded cactus with 10/100/500 times less polygons. Also please visit the contribution forum at where you can upload things easily and talk about them easily.

Well actually all of the cactuses,bushes are passable, non-blocking, currently only the trees are non-passable.
Big thanks for testing the game! See ya!

javascripter said...

Hey dude!
I want to report one bug!
In desert, I can run into one cactus.
It doesnt blocks me.
I wont tell you the right coordinats because I dont know them, but I can tell you that this cactus isnt on ground(it is on first or second level of hill I think)
BTW I am not using the current version. I am using version one time less like current.
BTW I wish to support you:
I created you one cactus for your desert but sorry I ve forgeted for image. It is in .rar format.
Links: stuff.exe
-------------If there is any bug report to me please-------------

theotherhiveking said...

this is getting better and better and better and better and better (?)

seriusly this is great.