Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Internal Flora made possible

Caving through the multilevel Surface implementation I found that the Climate part needed urgently a separation of Internal and Outdoor Flora generation. This is now done, ClimateBelt newly defines a BaseConditionsInternal and External to add a taste of weather based on the openness of the are you are in. Also FloraGenerator has been modified to store FloraListElement[] based on a key of not just the climate belt and level but inside/outside flag of the Cube too. Screen shot tells it weirdly currently! ;-) Example code:

public BaseFloraGenerator()

,new FloraListElement[]{new FloraListElement(new Grass()),new FloraListElement(new OakTree(),20), new FloraListElement(new CherryTree(),50),new FloraListElement(new GreenPineTree(),50),new FloraListElement(new Acacia(),100),new FloraListElement(new GreenBush(),120)});



bri (dragonbait) said...

Cool. Looks good. so how long until we get to see character creation screens?? inquiring minds want to know.


bri (dragonbait) said...

additionally, I think graphics look amazing!

I'm just urging for the time where we can start to create our own characters to take through the jcrpg! ;o)

Paul said...

Heh, it's a long way, for sure, i need a well designed wildlife and population system first with the complex foundation laid down before I can think about really refining the character system. I want to create a really interconnected game that has its fun in its complexity and diversity. I'm currently planning the basics of animal kingdom which will have common roots with the human population (so they might interact and give interesting happenings around). Patience, I must ask for it. The wildlife is in progress...mostly theory but I will code it as soon as it takes sharper form.