Sunday, 28 October 2007

Upgrading JME - 1.0 + CVS

The JME version of jcrpg has been upgraded to the new version 1.0 (+ a recent LensFlare patch that resolves my FPS problem with it). Small progress, but I just wanted 1.0 to get included in jcrpg because it solves some shader related problems with some nvidia geforce cards (gf5XXX series) and maybe others. I'm really happy that the fine 3D java engine JMonkey has at last reached its version 1.0! My congratulations to the JME team for their fine piece of work! (Although I know this post doesn't mean too much for them, but if I can turn some programmers to try it it'd a big success for me :-) It's good to have such a cool opensource 3D engine in Java.)


Renanse said...

Thanks for the kudos :) I'm enjoying watching your project grow!

doom said...

Man I cant wait for this game done...
hey BTW, can you tell me where I can teach writing such games(link of tutorial etc.)?

theotherhiveking said...

ahahah! very good!

javascripter said...

Hey, just find this blog and I must say that is amazing to watch your project grow.
Anyway, if someone here want to be professional programmer can come to my blog.
I will advertise that blog on my blog with enyoy.

Paul said...

Hey, people!
Happy to see your comments!
@doom: Learning to write games consists of many things, depending on how much you know about programming. If you know a language, you have to learn sw designing, if that's done you have to create a concept and design it. All these may be covered all around the net. To be honest I never learned "game programming" which may result in problems later, I am on my gaming experience with many many RPGs I've played on computers and real life.

Welcome! Keep up the work on your cool blog! I've visited it ( And if you will create a professional sw don't forget to keep them opensource! :-D