Thursday, 29 November 2007

On the shores of an Ocean

Two levels of magnification for shore randomizations done. This means a recognizable variety that can create special parts of the Ocean shore to spot while walking in the game. A rather simple hashed algorithm is creating the world's ocean parts and the shores are also hashed out on the fly in Ocean.isWaterPoint code. (Just added a bloomed version shot on my 8800GTS.)


Carsten said...

Great! JCRPG looks really great. Keep up the work!

I noticed the straight line at the end of this view. Is this showing the minimum world size? I guess you can move your camera view freely as a developer, right?

Paul said...


No, it's not the minimum world size, I've turned down my view distance for a performance-friendly one, so it's just about one third of the minimum world size.

Yes, currently free movement is in SVN for testing purposes.

Paul said...

*free movement here means you can move up and down and through things but in the classic 6 direction movement just like before :) (to avoid confusion)

javascripter said...

Hey paul!
You are pretty active on jcrpg last times! It looks great,... I am right now downloading the last version :)