Friday, 26 March 2010

Ardor3D: Smaller things, little tweaks, maps

Got some progress again, little things standing in the way of porting were eliminated. DDS images reintstantiated this time not flipped (ardor3d's DDS loading has been recently rewritten from scratch, and it works like a charm, image flipping is now correct too). Save/Load game lacked the screencapture functionality, now that is solved as well, this time at last saving smaller sized images so save games won't take too much space.

One major thing that was successfully ported is the World map window and the Local map HUD element. Those needed realt time texture generation, and that part was nicely restructured in Ardor3D. Following their UpdateTextureExample (which demonstrates the technique how the Renderer can render directly to texture's byte buffer, partially or fully redrawing parts without reallocation), I could finally add that element to the array of ported things.

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