Tuesday, 23 March 2010

UI is ardorized

Most of the UI and input has been successfully ported to work with Ardor3D. I'm happy to get use of the BMFont feature of a3d, which made it quite easy to turn the used TTF fontset into the non-monospace bitmap based font A3D can use. I had to use this program from AngelCode, which is windows only, but luckily it's only needed once for one font set. Porting the UI spatial picking and connecting in UIMouseAction into the trigger based mechanism of Ardor3D and connecting keyboard event into the InputBase event handling made the whole UI usabel with mouse and keyboard again. Core class of the triggers and player's camera movement is now JClassicRPGClassicControl.

Next major tasks are animated models' loading and particle systems (magical light effects and such). -- side note, still couldn't crash the engine in the native part (driver or lwjgl)

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