Sunday, 7 March 2010

Ardor3d test migration in progress

I'm in heavy evaluation process, taking closer look at the two alternative 3D engines for migration. Currently in a long process to convert the existing sources to use Ardor3D, to let me test how the new engine performs. Stability is the most important factor. Most of the codes in my experimental workspace are converted to Ardor3D. I could take a screenshot of the main menu. I still need to find a way to refactor the Input, the Terrain and the Audio system of jcrpg to let it work with Ardor3D's architecture. Hopefully the most beneficial will be the Terrain part, as there's a nice shader based terrain that streams data, and can produce 'megatexture' to cover the terrain. This will take a lot of time, I can foresee. But hopefully will lead to a better 3D architecture, speed and look.

If things settle down I'm planning to move to a different SVN repo, possibly googlecode. I'm a bit frustrated with SVN speed at times. Now will be the time to do so, as I'm restructuring the project while doing the migration stuff, moving the media to an upper directory, to let developers checkout less data. Also jcrpg will now build with Maven.


Markus said...

If you are going to switch repositories, have you considered switching to a different system such as Mercurial or git? Particularly with a DVCS most considerations of server access time just go away. I don't know if you use log and diff commands a lot like I do, but these operations are basically instant which has been life changing for me. My 2 cents.

Good luck with the 3D engine testing.

Anonymous said...

You should check out the updates on and on!