Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Shadows, walking around, great stability

Quick report from the field: ParallelSplit shadowmap pass of Ardor3d is unleashed along with the bloom. Most of the static content loading is working plus now a basic walk input handler with keyboard and mouse is functional. That way I could test dynamic loading/unloading of the world. Fixing some issues now it's working just like it was with the jme2 engine. A lot of things to do yet before the migration is considered complete... Great thing is, still no native part crash! :)


Luca said...

awesome! Compliments :-)

I'm following your blog since last year!

Paul said...


Read the comment where i explained it a bit more

Main reason is stability and long term evolving engine by the original authors of jme2.

@Luca thanks, glad to read your comment :)