Sunday, 17 August 2008

Starting Echoes

The released snapshot is starting to get some attention around the net. Some of you may have tested it, some of you certainly did and even reported me back with suggestions or bugs. This is really nice. We hope to get much feedback - even if you just tried and have something to say or just report success - that would be cool!

Qubodup at freegamer is one of the testers - a thorough tester indeed! :) He even made a video of it and made it public on freegamer blog! Thanks! I will embed it here too. On the suggestion of an anonymous reader I've added jcrpg to the's list of games and forum.

Now here's the video at for the ones who want an indirect look at the game:

PS: jClassicRPG has been listed on a recently created good looking Linux game database site LGDB. Check it out, new design and nice features!


Sslaxx said...

Looking good here! Love the way it looks.

Paul said...

Hello, sslaxx!

Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate it much, even if it is positive! ;D Have/will you tried/try running it?