Wednesday, 6 August 2008

More Sound is Cool

I've been working a bit on adding looped environment sounds and their sources. Now mostly all kinds of places have a gentle background sound - town, waters, jungle, forest. A lot of other new single time played sounds were collected and added - walking in snow, dog barking, crickets in the grass. It's pretty nice now walking around and listening to changing sounds. I love it! :D The new sounds are from with no exception. A great place indeed! Zphr's been working a while to make his wooden house model even better! Now it's less polygon and the same good look. He's done a great job again! This is all in SVN. There are only a few bugs on my list now that separates us from releasing... Hurray! :)


Charlie said...

Sounds great. (Pun intended!)

stevec said...

Freesound is really cool, but watch out for the license they use, which, iirc, is SA-BY-NC 1.0. I used some sounds from there in a game I made, and when there was interest in including it on the Fedora games dvd, I ended up having to replace those sounds due to the NC clause. In my case it turned out ok, because I have a pretty decent recording rig, and there weren't too many sounds to begin with, and I ended up learning a bit about making sound effects in the process, which was cool. Just something to be aware of though.

Paul said...

@charlie: hehe ;-)


To sample, mash-up, or otherwise creatively transform this work for commercial or noncommercial purposes.

What does this mean? :-) I do creatively transform them.