Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Continental Renewal

I've changed some models, added some new textures and models in continental climate area to shape things to the aesthetic level of the jungle probably. Maybe it can suffice the needs of the classic style, some better base bush + small bush texture could be added later, but for now I'm rather content.


Charlie said...

Looks beautiful :-) as usual.

I was trying to put my finger on something that is missing and I think I've identified it.

Classic RPGs are often shaped by their mazey-ness. Part of that is the inability to see past things.

What you need is some very dense tree/bush combinations that can form big foresty areas that are difficult to navigate through. There's plenty of maze-generation code out there. The combination could be really good fun.

Less plains, more dense thickets. Then it'll really start shaping up as a classic RPG engine.

Paul said...

the topic where we have started discuss Charlie's comment in detail:

Thx, Charlie!