Sunday, 10 August 2008

Complaints, New Models and Optimization

Zphr and me were working hard to finish the facelifting of jungle. Meanwhile Zphr provided the game with some extra nifty palm and bush models, I've started to look at optimization again. My new idea was to add billboardpartvegetations' trunk part to the ModelGeometryBatch. It is now handled separately of the foliage trimesh geometry batch - the trunk trimeshes are commited to a batch containing several other tree's trunk. This reduces number of meshes - reducing CPU and GPU load.
Also I've found a better way for handling internal Cave parts - there's now Cube's internalLight field which is used for cave entrance only. That part will use a turned off sky, while you move into the cave. This transition part will lead into the cave cubes' part which is now unnecessary to be rendered while you are totally outside (not in an internalLight cube) with the 'three-state' solution of ExternalCube / InternalLight / InternalCube. This whole boosted up performance again so much that I'm a bit happier with it running on my 6200Go.
Bad news is that I had to remove farview option because with the new smooth tiling generation the farview water is not working well just as the welding of farview geo and normal geo is not solved at all.

There were some complaints about the game on freegamer blog and here. About crash on OS X. If someone happen to test, please help out us on jcrpg forum!

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Charlie said...

You know you're creating a cool thing when you start getting complaints. :-)