Saturday, 23 August 2008

Depth Of Field, extensive VBO, partially ShadowMap

After previously getting some good advice from MrCoder @ jme, now I've discussed a few things with Momoko_Fan @ plus again with some hints from MrCoder - two major things could be achieved in one day - meanwhile a third is on the way to perfection. First it's depth of field effect. I love it definitely, far away things get blurred - and it's really nice that the shader used is a merge of bloom + DoF effect - two things at once! :) Now at last it pushed me to add a better handling of UI in a separate RenderPass so that bloom/shadow and other effects won't conflict with each other so much.

Also previously I've tried to use VBO but I remember having problems with it, some crashes or so, but now again by the advice of Momoko_Fan I revisited it and it seems things have become cleaner in jClassicRPG because now VBO seems to work pretty well... meaning a boost of FPS again! The situation is that it has come really at the good time 'cause I removed a 'cut off of rendered parts behind you' optimization to be able to reenable mouse-look.

So yeah, mouse look is also enabled now.

Meanwhile a new user contribution to jme is being done, so as a test I've integrated it - the ShadowMap render pass created by kevglass @ jme! It's working quite good although it has some smaller problems yet - probably they can be solved soon.

Good! :D All in SVN.

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Sslaxx said...

Sounds excellent stuff there! Nice job.