Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Over 1000 commits to SVN

jcrpg project's SVN repository is now over the 1000th SVN commit. Great thing indeed! :-) Noteworthy news for me is that Radakan has changed 3D engine to jMonkeyEngine! Radakan is a sandbox RPG with 3D graphics, so kind of a similar in a lot or few ways to jcrpg. It's opensource too, so I'll keep an eye on it if I can learn some things from their code. It's lead programmer is MomokoFan a seasoned Java jME programmer who I know superficially from jME forums.


Charlie said...

Are those humanoid models rigged and animated?

If not rigged, I suggest looking up the human bones rig that either Sindwiller or Julius posted in the FGD forum that they can be attached to.

Paul said...

They're rigged fortunately. Some animation would be nice if someone would like to do it... :)