Wednesday, 23 April 2008

OpenJDK, rpgcodex topic, jme upgrade

Today a tester has reported that he successfully run jcrpg in OpenJDK under Ubuntu Linux. I'm a bit surprised and happy that the open-source version of the Sun JDK is working this good. This mainly is interesting for Linux users as installing OpenJDK under Windows is currently rather hard for non-experts, but Ubuntu distribution (and most likely other Linux distros too) contain a package for it.

Recently I've opened an rpgcodex forum topic for discussing jcrpg related things. rpgcodex is a highly community based rpg site, their motto is "bring the 'role' back in rpg". A nice place with a lot of rpg-loving people.

Reading this post I updated jme to test the performance surplus. You can check jcrpg with the new updated library in SVN. (lwjgl was also upgraded.)

Otherwise not much news for today, only small tweaks and planning in theory (currently about populations' generation).

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