Thursday, 17 April 2008

The "Nightside" Release is out - call for animators

Check out the downloads, ungzip, play and report back with your experience here or at the forum. As things go further and further we are nearing a state where more and more 3D models and their animation is becoming tremendously needed in the art department! There are already several models (e.g. bear, wolf, fox, spider) that's in need of rigging and animation or there's the already rigged human model pair that just needs animation. So if you want to help out, join the effort! A great opportunity to practice animation and it would mean a lot to the free game development community and jcrpg.

"New animals as bear and spider were added. Humanoid groups were introduced with the humans and their basic economy. Basic populations and houses added for human groups. New sounds for animals and humans along with environmental effects depending on nearby beings and climate. Party Behavior and Pre-encounter input screens were introduced. On screen display extended with the 'Entity-O-Meter' which shows nearby groups' icons. New portraits and models by Archenemy."

Next steps will be to further sophisticate the encounter part, the UI, the ecology (especially for humanoid and with that the economy too), bring in the skills to the world, the EntityMember and PartyMember leveling, inventory and object system, and some kind of dialog system. This will round up slowly a fully playable experience. If you feel like you want to make the project a bit more manageable consider donating some bucks.


Anonymous said...

Great! 8) waited for "nigthside" for a lot of time! Keep going 8) :) :P

hamilton.lima said...

Hey Paul,
just to let you know... I'm following your good job with the game engine !!
Me and some other guys are working in a ORPG that I believe we should use your effort as initial version to us.

But I have a question for you : since I have to make my code open-source to use your project, does this applies to the server side engine too ?


Paul said...

Hello Hemilton!

It's great that you will maybe try to use jcrpg as base of your client side app! As you've stated it will be GPL too.

About the server side, it depend on how you will interact with the client side codes. If you can separate it into an independent GPL licensed jar the classes in jcrpg then you can have a different license in your server side engine. If you take codeparts out from jcrpg and use them as part of the server side engine directly, than the license GPL sticks and you'll have to use the same license.

So jarring it into an independent lib will give you the possibility to use a different license.

What kind of ORPG will it be? What are the plans? I'm really curios!

Paul said...

:S sorry, i misspelled your name!

hamilton.lima said...

no problem on mispelling =)
In our project we are using lots of concepts from ragnarok and WOW.
Adding some brand new professions, and making it 100% in portuguese, because what we have here in Brazil, most of the times are translations of something... but nothing that was created with a brazilian culture touch :)
Our main goal is make the game funny, not too serious, if you want I can send you the information to join the beta team, that will have informations about the game, and will join the tests in the next months.


Paul said...

Hmm, I hope you can use jcrpg's code in some way. Are you aware of how it's display system is built up? It's quite irregular, using the classic tile based concept of games like wizardry and Eye of the beholder but in 3D. Modern 3D games do it in a different way (terrain pages and full sized models for infrastructure are the mainstream).

Well, if you think I can help with my little Spanish knowledge then send some beta infos to my gmail acc. (you can find my email adress in my profile at gtalk info)