Monday, 10 May 2010

Ardor3d based code committed to SVN

The new official SVN root is now . jME2 based code is moved to jme2_obsolete/ branch. Qubodup, the almighty FOSS genius is already helping with testing the newly committed game code. He checked out SVN, installed maven tool to be able to compile the jCRPG-engine subproject (using 'mvn clean install' command). I've already fixed some issues and updated some documentation. If you like the idea, you can try to help test the SVN codebase this way, before the release will be out. If you have an Intel GPU I cannot promise it will run (I already wrote about this here). Most probably it won't. Nvidia and Ati should be fine. Hopefully this may change with later releases of Intel drivers (it used to work with older drivers...).


Trap said...

ooooh very very very beautiful screenshoot!!! O_O

Paul said...

glad you like it Trap. Fun part, its 90% seed and algorithmically generated on the fly. The rest 10% is seed generated at new game starting. :) Although fixed content integration will be coming with the next release hopefully to leave some room for human creativity. :)