Monday, 23 November 2009

Trac on activated - for task/bug tracking

I've decided to check out the task/bug/project tracker utility used by many projects. I've looked at it many times, lately related to PARPG project. It's looking neat and useful with all the project management/svn/task tracking integration it has. Form now on jClassicRPG project will use this facility to manage such things.


Unfortunately it needs account to be editable (at least that filters spamming), so if you want to report a bug you'll need to register on the site. (You can still browse it without an account though.) After registering that you'll receive email notifications about updates for your reported bug, so it might be worthy to register - as the jCRPG forum has no email facility. Those who prefer to use the forum - you can still use that as a less 'technical' form to report problems. (Old bug tracker is deactivated on project site.)


Anonymous said...


It doesn't need sf account - just change https to http.

Of course for reporting bugs, you still need account.

Paul said...

Thanks for pointing out my mistake, I knew it's readable through http, but was messing up the post, rushing too much. :)