Thursday, 17 December 2009

Update, Female Voicepack still needed

Recently the water around jCRPG became a bit calmer than in the last few monthsit had been. For a while it's predictably staying so -- as in the month behind I was relaxing and for the next couple of months I'll be quite busy in my spare time.

Still there's some update realized by getter77 who took the precious time to fix some of the less well-done parts of the texts. Thanks Brian for helping out there too! :)

Meanwhile, if you happen to be able to help out with a female voicepack, don't hesitate, we still have very little to zero female voicepacks. :) Details here.

Feedback regarding the previous release is still much welcome, just as donations.


Brian said...

Glad as ever to help. Hopeful plan is to cross-help back and forth as applicable between new types of contributions/help between here and S.C.O.U.R.G.E.---sent a contact bit thataway(their forum/irc being nigh deserted in term applicable) in hopes to start to get integrated/sheparded along quickly. Likely a ton of beta/playtesting looming for Din's Curse as well on my end in the near-term future that'll eat up significant time.

Because I forget, what program(s) did you use for the orchestral composition thus far in jCRPG? Similarly, what others do you know of offhand that could also produce a generally similar style(free preferable...)? Nowhere I ask seems to have any trails for me to hunt down and investigate...

Paul said...

I'm using Cubase Studio for composition with VST plugin based symphonic sound library. Not cheap. :/

Brian said...

Hmm...well Studio seems to be cheaper than Cubase 5 outright at least, but yeah tis on the pricey side.

Added to the pile to consider since it was pretty much a given that between the audio and visual side of things there's bound to be stuff where free solutions simply lose out on a cost/quality/time consumption scale. Thanks!