Saturday, 21 November 2009

Important quick fix again and great news - donation received!

Hello, folks!

A problem experienced by some of the testers and also reported on, is now hunted down and exterminated! It was related to the logging of X11 events and a badly created filter pattern in Now it's rooted out and committed. You can find a zip with the fixed ./bin directory of the release here: link. I will provide a patch release on later (hopefully tomorrow).

Another problem experienced on some weaker video cards (like 9600 mobility or intel video chip) can be resolved by first running the game with the (Then go to option menu and probably switch off the Normal maps totally too, save it, and later you can use the to play the game as the low settings got saved that way.) So if it looks like you are having troubles with starting, try to fall back to that file.

Very good news is that the project got a new donator! We have received donation of $5. Big thanks go out! I'm contactacting the donator to get info if I can share the name or nickname (desired one) of the donator before I can post it here and add to the DONATORS file of the project.

EDIT: The new donator is Chris Noffsinger from the USA. Thanks Chris!!
Donator granted me permission to share his name.

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