Saturday, 14 November 2009

Feedback! :)

The release rolled out more than a week ago, there's been over 300 downloads! I'm really happy about that. Team members and a few other piece of folks pumped back some useful notes and bits. Still it would be quite useful if more of those kind gamers who try it would give us a heads-up about how things worked out. So hereby I kindly call those of you interested in this piece of game to give us some more of feedback. Here at the blog (or blawg?) or the forums. It would certainly boost the enthusiasm to carry on! After all this game is not for its own sake only, but for the gamers too. Without players it all might seem worthless... So grab your keyboar(d)s please!


Charlie said...

I'm waiting for a storyline! ;-)

Anonymous said...


I'm a writer for a Belgian Open Source Portal. We added a link to your project. So that our readers learn to know your project.

You can view it here. We hope you enjoy it!

Paul said...

Thanks for linking the project! :)