Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Publicity Sawteeth

We have had some booms of publicity around this month. Two major web nodes had published some lines and links on jClassicRPG.

The first in this short line was the popular RPG site rpgwatch with a longer article based on my submission. Our thanks go to Dhruin and the staff for giving some spotlight for us! Besides the nice number of webhits and the more fame -- unfortunately it has not attracted new contributors till now.

The second was again due to my submission on the famous blendernation. jClassicRPG was already mentioned on the site another time before, somehow they found us when the project was just a few months starting out. :) Thanks! This time it brought lotsa hits again and luckily one new contributor too! tidbit has already added nice miscellaneous handcraft objects (boxes, barrels, signpost and more) and a new cave entrance at the forum which is very cool as towns and cave entrances' look should have bigger diversity. Big thanks go out for tidbit!

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